Staying Connected While Travelling (Asia Edition)

Living in a country with some of the most expensive celluar data plans in the world, I was shocked to discover the plethora of options available abroad where plans are better in every aspect especially when it came to cost and amount of data you were getting.


You can get a mobile hotspot with 11GB of LTE data for 7 days and all in comes to just under 7,000 Yen (~$60 USD) including tax and shipping - this is on the high side but we had no issues whatsoever with connectivity nor speed and a bit more bearable when the cost is split between a group.

You pick up your unit at the postal office in the airport and you get a package with the mobile hotspot, power bank, and addressed return envelope for you to drop off prior to leaving.

We rented from eConnect, check them out here (

Note: Most Airbnb hosts provide a hotspot as well, but it's nice to get connected as soon as you get off the plane and load up directions to your lodging. They may also vary in speed and data allowance so bear that in mind.


A 3GB 4G LTE data plan that includes calling and SMS starts at 28 RM (<$10 USD) per month with U Mobile but requires you to be a local (i.e. have IC). Note that there may be additional fees for activation or the SIM card.

I've seen Digi and Maxis booths set up in Arrivals before the baggage claim area at Penang International Airport if you're arriving there as well!


Unlimited data SIM with some calling/texts runs less than $500 NTD (<$20 USD) which is probably the best deal so far in my books! I reserved it on Klook (referral link) and picked it up upon arrival at the airport.

The booth is actually on the lower level for Taoyuan International after passing through the immigration counters and around the corner to the right in the lobby with the waiting area. In short, you just show two pieces of ID (i.e. passport and your local ID) and sign some documents to get your SIM. It also automatically activates when you pop it in your phone - how convenient!

Here's a bonus pic of the frenzy at one of the Chunghwa Telecom stores in Taipei. They were running a $499 NTD unlimited 4G promo while I was there:


I'll do my best to keep this post updated and add new countries whenever I get the chance. Have an experience you want to share? Sound off below!

Vincent Seow

Vincent Seow