Quick Tip: Empty all Cached Data of your Apps (Android)

With all the buzz (and criticism) surrounding latest operating system offerings coming from major tech companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft, they're all deep and feature rich platforms that have come a long way since their inception. Each OS has their respective tweaks that can make its experience preferable and you may find options that you didn't know existed. This is going to be an ongoing series which covers the three flagship ecosystems, so let's get started shall we?
In the past there has been third party utilities that could clear the cache of all your installed apps, but with version 4.2 of Android and onwards you can do the same with just one tap.

Cached Data

  • Open up "Settings" and go under the "Storage" section
  • Find then tap "Cached data"
  • Confirm "OK" for the prompt
Although this can free up quite a bit of space and speed things up a bit, you may find yourself needing to log in again on certain apps. Something to also keep in mind is that this may clear data that you choose to keep on the device such as Google's Play Music app, so be aware when you do this. Come back next week and I'll cover an iOS tip, until then.