PSA: How to Opt Out of Google's "Shared Endorsements" Ads

If you haven't heard about this already, starting November 11th the company will start using your profile picture, reviews, and recommendations in their advertisements. They announced this a couple days ago and reflected it based on changes in their TOS. In the end, Google will be able to show a specific user's review for restaurants, for example, or if they follow a brand page on Google+ in their displayed ads on the web, which can be seen by around 1 billion users. Concerned? Luckily you can opt out. To do so:

  1. Head over to this Google Profiles page (you can type it in manually if preferred -
  2. Take a quick glimpse of what they have to say and uncheck the checkbox towards the bottom. It may be unchecked for you already, so leave it as-is if it's done.
  3. Remember to click the Save button.
You should be in good shape unless there's more changes on the way, but I'll make an effort to keep everyone informed.