Ever open the default Gallery app and find that there are several pictures coming from different sources? Original settings index all folders on the phone as well as your Google account (e.g. Photos and/or Picasa Web Albums). This can be solved by going through a couple tweaks, although it won't clear out local files that get indexed - it will however make things a bit more manageable.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Go under "Settings" and find "Google" under "Accounts".

2013-09-04 17.40.26

  1. Select the account where photos sync with.

2013-09-04 17.40.36(edit)

  1. Uncheck "Google Photos" or "Picasa Web Albums" if applicable.

2013-09-04 17.40.52(edit)

  1. Next go under "Apps" and find the "Gallery" app listed in "All".

2013-09-04 17.41.09  2013-09-04 17.41.33

  1. Hit "Clear data" and relaunch the Gallery app.

2013-09-04 17.41.43

If you're still not pleased then you should consider using a third party photo management app like JustPictures! or QuickPic. Sound off in the comments below and share which Gallery replacement you recommend!