Getting RockMongo to Load Properly

I've started using MongoDB lately and wanted a phpMyAdmin alternative to manage my databases/collections intuitively. Although RockMongo isn't as feature rich as its MySQL counterpart, it sure beats running queries and such in the command line.

To begin, I followed the steps listed on their wiki and I made sure MongoDB was properly installed beforehand (used the mongodb-org package in case you're wondering). When it came to loading the index.php, I was greeted with a completely blank page with no error messages whatsoever.

With a desire to figure out the root of the problem, I first went into php.ini to make sure all errors were displayed and as verbose as possible. Then when it came to loading the page again, I got this: Fatal error: ini_set(): To prevent data corruption, you are not allowed to turn on the mongo.native_long setting on 32-bit platforms in Unknown on line 0

Apparently native_long support for 32-bit has been taken out from the PHP driver - according to the changes reflected on GitHub. Not sure if there'll be a fix in the future, but an interim solution would be to just comment out the ini_set("mongo.native_long", 1); line in index.php.

Vincent Seow

Vincent Seow