Easiest Way to Move to a New or Larger Solid-State/Hard Drive (Windows)

So you have a desktop or laptop with Windows on it that went through several program installs, countless setting configurations, and among many other things. Rather than going through the hassle of wiping everything when moving to a new SSD or HDD, your existing drive can be cloned to the new one without too much effort depending on the approach taken. The more straight forward method is using a 3rd party application, EaseUS Todo Backup Free, and getting the OS install along with any programs or files can be done in a matter of few clicks.

First off, the new drive has to be connected in some form to your PC - this can be either internally (wikiHow has a comprehensive guide if this is your first time) or externally (with something like this). Once that is done then move on to installing the mentioned program and select the "Clone" option from the left sidebar. Next choose "Disk clone" on the page but if  have some sort of manufacturer recovery partition or you are dual booting (e.g. Linux) then the "Partition clone" will be ideal instead.

EaseUS Clone

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Before starting the process, ensure that the "Optimize for SSD" option is checked if the target drive is a solid-state. Once it's done you can choose to format and re-purpose the older unit to store data or use it in another machine.